pigment could be found in the blood. Capillary haemorrhages in the brain
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one which opens a wide field for inquiry and examination, and
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that many hospitals have a fine X-ray equipment, and a few even
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they may attain a width of t) or even 7.5 /i. The full-sized
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Tirard would add to the last three, the more uncommon, the occasional
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he briefly summed up as follows : — 1. There is a diseased state
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brush, and water, and, if necessary, shaved. Then a
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held for subsequent retesting before admission to the herd.
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maintenance of the limb in a constrained and straight position
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the incision by the side of the blade to the depth of an inch. Softened
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transferred to culture tubes. After these have been sterilized, the
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Royal Asylum, Gartnavel. Fee for combined course, £2, 2s.
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" had a queer feeling, as if she was not all right in the
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an American movement ; America is the last part of the civilized
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On mironic Disease of the Stomach, tcith Tico Cases and the Appear-
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within its walls, but also to the medical profession, whose members would
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and middle period. They are more likely to occur the younger the patient.
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he awoke screaming " Rats ! rats ! " and was very much fright-
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from the contest between the two Roses, government show-
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an interest in what goes on around them. They usually make fair progress ;
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who did not come in contact with the affected soldiers. The
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also on account of their conduct while engaged in their routine
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and investigation. The aitioloijy of all vuiielies of eth-
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the light has left his eyes, and the color almost departed from his cheeks; his
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ed particularly the application of a continuous current of
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scientific fact is, therefore, that of the capacity
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Out of 163 cases, only 6 remained quite unimproved, and 87
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spots by their usually circular form and their ill-defined margins. In the case
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the fact ; and that in the entire field of medicine no fact
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bullets, or fragments of stone, require the principle of treatment
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tiary lesions. The bacilli have been found in the initial lesions and
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neffy's work, unless refuted by future investigations, must
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ton, Ky., on September 7th. He was the oldest physi-
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that we advocate the apprenticeship we asked Dr. Johnson a plain question,
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greatest number of ca.ses have been produced by the action of some caustic
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victim of neuralgia, chorea, or epilepsy, for the para-
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to convey to the mind of the layman by this assemblage of
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always been delicate, though he had suffered I moment, yet has attracted attention, and