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in which the intravesical route (suprapubic or cystoscopic) is to be
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Scoleciasis. — Scoleciasis is a term used to designate accidental infection
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wick. Among the country members of the Council, who at
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sequence we commend at the outset the present book.
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loses his job and often fails to return to work despite subsequent
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patient £bi11s into deep stupor, the moaning respiration is accompanied
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authorities, be continued during the height of the febrile stage.
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the application of the virus to the nasal mucous membrane. After 10 days the
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is between 45 fo and 50^. This percent, however, will
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guinal hernia, or of a femoral hernia, large or small, its use was unadvisable,
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control of Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus.
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and springs from the fear of inducing a painful spasm of the larynx. The
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mouth, to the right side of the tongue ; this pain gradually
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into three types — one slender, another stout, and a third very
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antiseptic therapeutics does not propose to kill the
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ment, which his good sense resisted, and induced him to reject. The
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solution, then introducing the copper wire pole of a
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thus lead to the civil freedom of an insane person, might on another occasion
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By a great number of X-ray plates are indicated the types of injury met in the different bones and by the side of
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mensions and number to accommodate all the insane."
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During an attack the typhoid bacilli probably reach the gall-bladder
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was apparent that the disease was returning. The pain
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26. Hatcher, R. A., Am. J. Physiol., 1908-09, xxiii, 303.
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temperature, count the pulse, and by practice learn to appre-
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Roche representative can help both you and your patients.
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blood, or paint, or other stain upon the clothing. He
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.11 ,1 lltrl d,ltr, Imi: Ml ih'-' 1.'-- l,l\.iUl.ll'lr ..!■.•- II 1^ vwll li. ■ II !'■ ! i t U t f li.
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unites the two surfaces of the formerly open funicular process of
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natural sensation of entire relief after urinating. He
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analogy between gonorrhoeal urethritis and purulent
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(a) " Nee in medieum plus laudis red-.mdare posset, quaci ex eo Ubore,
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necessitates a subsequent colostomy, preferably in the
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former case) *' an extremely small and frequent pulse, a purple
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increased hospital admissions in Belgrade, Mladenovac and Pojarevatz.
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brown. The changes in the kidneys are of the same nature as