as shown by Kelling's test' has a distinct diagnostic
the preference over all methods of operating. It had not re-
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thetic effect of cocain is transient, but orthoform is a sub-
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paper as follows: Bandages for movable kidney may be
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Essex Xorth District (Mass.) Medical Society. — The
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by the school directors. In the present state of medical
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s'.mething developed in the human system during the
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ing appendicitis, and subsequently discharging through the
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Disease. P. Marhc and Le Gendre. — Marie reports a case of
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20. The Influence of Boric Acid and Borax on Milk Bacteria.
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emphatic in pronouncing all well-developed cases of
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Vesicorectal paralysis : depression of Sth and 4th cervical prooeasea.
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stroke, and to tliat alone. An accidental death by crushing,
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especially on motion ; complete paralysis of motion and sensation
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phritis is an uncdiiinion coiiqiUWfion'.y The diagnosis is from
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openings and forced directly into the sinuses. At times a
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Patterson, Charlotte. The session opened May 15 and con-
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and later, arranged with the [5:|h^rman of the Senate Committee ob
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held its twenty-second annual commencement exercises April
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the kidney. The prerenal fascia with the peritoneum
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communicated with you, and that you suggested that in view
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Idaho, Illinois, Indian Territory, Iowa, Louisiana, Mlsaissippl, Mis-
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point. There were extensive lacerations of the gluteal
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olin gauze bandages impregnated with finely divided
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been permitted to fall into disuse, the inhabitants -were
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142 The Metric System In Prescription Writing. Wm. Kranaa.
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on the polished tip, from which the diagnosis of calonlons steno-
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a medicolegal standpoint makes it necessary to enter
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St. Paul, Minn., May 30 and 31 and June 1, headquarters be-
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0. The aTerage red corpuscle (normal) la seven mlcro-mllll-
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Professor H. F. Harris, M.D., of Atlanta, 6a., $500 for an
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more, 1868, died at Friendship, Anne Arundel County, Mary-
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Medical Society was held in Davenport, May 14. The follow-
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pubic cystotomy; nephrolithotomy; rectal implantation of
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■provided for by the American Medical Association.
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month of pregnancy. This period has now been extended to
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should be sent to the laboratory to be examined, and not merely
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with the freest anastomoses. This appears to be a wise
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the community as to be utterly destructive of that public
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It will thus be seen that I have collected, including
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The high bridge, so called, that farthest up the river,
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A., retired from active service, by operation of law, having reached
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d' Hygiene Professionelle" in 1874, and most of his numerous
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lishment of closer relations between the medical profes-
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When the lesion is a parametritis there is an intimate
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be the duty of this committee to consider and act upon all
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The nervous center which governs inspiration is situ-
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patient into suitable condition to stand an operation.
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Members by application shall consist of such members of the
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