Tlius clieese, wliicb. contains 30 per cent, of nitrogenous matter, may
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air are safeguards against gout, but they are common exciting causes
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nephritis may not be induced by the excessive quantity of food, e. g,, meat,
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Various explanations of the process of eburnation have been sug-
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The following are the more common abbreviations used in pre-
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The function of the pericardium, like that of the synovial mem-
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An infant from one to three months old requires about ^ the
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abode for the eyeballs. They are shaped like pyramids, with the
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Etiology. — ^The ordinary causes — ^acute infections, intoxications, cold,
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Emetics, in the early stage relax the spasmodic condition and may
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attacks are more frecxuent in the third decade of life than at an
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which we are now considering. In acute rheumatism an anaemic
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one of the essential phenomena of that disease, increased formation
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diminishing the supply of fat and b}^ permitting a certain quantity
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the diet should be restricted so long as a febrile movement exists.
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AVith the rise in the peripheral resistance in the arterial system
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ity of the inflamed joint have been already noted. Sometimes this
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Public gymnasiums are preferable to private because the feeling of
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than in older patients in whom it tends to advance but slowly and
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and sometimes so lissured as to bleed. In scarlet fever the tongue
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ing a lifetime and is especially troublesome when it attacks aged
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sin. Pepsin possesses the power of preventing putrefaction. It also
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furnished by the presence of scrofula. Sojourn in the fresh, pure air
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stroyed; what remains is reproduced and the joint pains and fever
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the cases in which there is marked and obstinate glycosuria. The
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versely, gout is no rarity among the offspring of obese progenitors.
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bling mucous. The function of these glands has not been
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although it is not as pleasant to take. The following prescription is
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f[uestion whether it is an indei)endeut patliological entity, or whether
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along the helix, or in the fissure that separates the helix from the
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stomach. In prolonged and aggravated cases medicines may be
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faculty is to make the courses of instruction asde-
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of an attack of rheumatism. Still more emphatic is the a])pearance
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passions, and bustling activity, which are unfavorable to the accumu-
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sidewalks. At all events, the recommendation of the
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diabetes that some variety of carbohydrate should be known which
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conclusion. Any prophylactic property possessed by the salicyl
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The causes of congestion of the liver are habitual excess in the
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raised and lowered; the eyeballs seem also to move slowly in differ-
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The inflammation of tubercular consumption is caused by septic-
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been recommended. Cream of tartar lemonade is a cooling drink,
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more or less debilitated, and requires the administration of medicine
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Chloral may be used, it there are no signs of heart failure, in doses of
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A mustard plaster applied over the chest when there is pain or
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are, for the reason that the results of carelessness in diet are much
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