discharge caused by a derangement of the functions of the thyroid

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the same period the urine was very dark-colored, and extremely

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such as before being subjected to this process exercised no medicinal

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The treatment instituted consisted of icebags to the head and

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ling, may be employed to the exclusion of the bath-

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lysis of traumatic origin. Many of these cases might be described as cases of

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Kuling in the Yangtze Valley and the Western Hills between Peking

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David Lloyd Roberts, M.D., F.R.C.P. Lond., F.R.S.E., 11 St John's

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forces which carry on the circulation. This part of the treatment embraces

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the eye of the catheter, as well as through the apertures. The irriga-

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obtains, while there is a like steady decrease in the

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what I now know about the effects of chloral in procuring sleep,

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Rectum, case of high excision of the, the section of the bowel being

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1920. Astley, George Mason, M.D., Assistant Surgeon, Samaritan

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presence of the specific cause and predisposing influences an exciting

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complications due to the fact that the city pauper in-

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turbinated bone. The suggestion to enter through the

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Another thiog that is very trying and often unnecessary is ftie great

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ashes ; then close the barrel so that the air may not pene-

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Kelly and other more recent operators, when some special

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treated with arsenic according to Lingard's method.

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, o'clock seven gave marked evidence of being victims of the weed. I saw

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tive external radiation therapy of his right stump,

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Oarrijgue. La flagellation d.aua I'histoire et la Ittt^ra-

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I ' sing over the views of the older observers, including those of Wolff,

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Clarke, Harold Metcalf Univ. Toronto, '09 Bridgeport.

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throughout this volume are numerous, sufficiently diagramatic and on the

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employees, of which 2.7% is payable to the state and 0.3% to the federal government.

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liizione regressiva. Arch, per 1' antrop., Firenze, 1898,

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External fixation, a semi-invasive technique using pins

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resident in all the countries of Europe, with the exception of

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pools of pus make a not very creditable showing for the den-

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years been kept thoroughly posted in all that is new

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author of the paper was specially calculated to prove of service

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Head. — On removing the dura matter, the surfaces of the hemispheres were

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Acute miliary tuberculosis has not infrequently been mistaken for typhoid

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with great pride by sturdy-looking boys, and little girls with roguish, happy

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the sexual organs and the tonsils. Such a case as that now

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Etiology. The general causes are the same as those of similar

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titioner, who was not a chiffonier, but was riding a donkey of his own,

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material may cling to the fly and be deposited on the food, ot the bacilli