factory. I would not be understood as regarding Chloroform or
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subject; but, if these texts were inserted at length, it would
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that all might have been so reduced, if we had known at the time
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by the grain-unit decimal scale, — let us look at the system of
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often already and fruitlessly made. We say fruitlessly made, for we feel
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health. As, however, there still remained some traces of scurvy about him
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u The catamenial discharge may be considered as one, among many
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hours to days, giving rise to a more or less central
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written a most instructive and entertaining book of three hun-
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bined — an event which reacts on the cerebral centre, augmenting
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in a room lighted by a large window, with a southern exposure, the barrel
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catarrh are given no place by the author, as he states that '^ he
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the practical ? The great utility of clinical instruction consists chiefly
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inclined, at that time x to say " is thy servant a dog, that he should do this
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either a pustule or a papule, the liquid is not readity absorbed, the
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the elbow-joint, practiced recently by Paget, Fergusson, and Erichsen, viz :
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wound was found to have united firmly, and there was not the
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size, may remain quiescent for years ; but as long as
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part of the cell ; the endochrome in the central cell, is shown
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and kept up artificial respiration; and, within sixty hours,
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expelling mucous with other liquids, the presumption is that the
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the fluid expressed from it was clear. The disease was apparently
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on Sunday morning, the head was partially engaged in the
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dred and sixteen pages ! What use of elaborate monographs can
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almost entire ignorance. Some have attributed it to the influence
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surgery, to reside six months of the year away from his practice?
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and are best given at meal-times. They then are mixed with the
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tive of a fair proportion of the advantages of which it is capable, hos-
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medication in this disease ; but I do say, most explicitly, that
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tinctly and decidedly favor his opinion, he may at least find
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fall back upon the now well-understood doctrine of the corre-
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in whom evidencies of virginity are found. He also affirms,
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Now, in speaking of peritonitis, it is a useful clinical distinction,
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others, " that the root of the, polypus, which remains, never
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creep in," not a note of alarm is sounded by this vigilant and faithful
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Case 6. — John Gallagher, twenty-eight years old, a stout Irish
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that the standard grain, the present unit, should be the unit