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    form appendicoetomy in conjunction with ileocolostomy and am

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    cases. It is a mild inflammatory self limited disease located

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    diabetic coma the alkalies should be still further increased and the

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    In the following table the various presentations are classi

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    have denied to affections of the lymphatic vessels any independent symptom

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    Thus far it seems unnecessary to advise any changes in the organic law.

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    content and oxygen capacity. I then indulged in the luxury of calculat

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    made with standards of basal metabolism for nonpregnant women.

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    of sulphur dioxide very careful experiments were made

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    Harvey and since demonstrated by more modern investi

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    Dr. Lilienthal On Diseases of the Optic Nerve from Gerebral Affec

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    also apioline at the menstrual periods beginning three days before

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    material. At times the growth becomes infiltrating and in such cases

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    and environment so that in the course of time tuber

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    TwdHb AoBMt Repert of the State Boud of Health and Vital

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    On a New Method of recording the Motions of the Soft

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    Harbitz found the tubercle bacillus in of his cases but

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    by making incisions in the trunk of which a good milk

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    air. The last two are however admirable for the pur

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    rhage and cause firm contraction of the uterus. The severe pain and

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    compressed air apparatus electric batteries restraint apparatus

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    especially in ruptures of old standing followed by atrophy

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    Some of these cases were removed by their friends from pecuniary

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    patients. The labour ward suite consists of a dressing

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    duction in efficiency for labor of not less than per cent.

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    will no doubt before long take skilled advice and report

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    attracted our especial attention both on account of its impor

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    enthusiasm and his being driven to death by the force of whip

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    leased as soon as possible. While I must admit that

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    tubes by swelling of the mucosa or from without the bronchi

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    fever case were admitted there bringing contagion from

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    author we are glad to note does not approve of blood letting in

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    axillary fold and the seventh or eighth interspace a widely extended

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    thickness elasticity and density of the skull. Professor Gross speaks

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    four hours but the patient was fed by nutrient enemata.

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    pressure must necessarily be extended equally in all directions as it no

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    any layman who reads the correspondence. Sometimes even

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    The infant strains at Stool because of the imperfeot

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    crisis took place in from three to five days. The convalescence was

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    be the difficulty of cure even when the aneurismal character of the complaint

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    a small degree of heat of skin occurring generally towards