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in which rupture occurred before the end of the first month.
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view, and helps us to interpret our clinical observations to
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be 34 per cent. Albarran lost only one patient, who died of meningitis, out
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3^ to 4 days, in 17 ; from 5 to 7 days, in 15 ; 9 days, in 2 ; and 10 and 14
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be as reliable as silver nitrate, which should be used in all cases where
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frequently been confounded with soft cancers, as pointed out by Lebert,
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S6e, on the subject, winds up with the followmg conclu-
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Certainly it is excellent discipline for an author to feel that he must say all he has to say in the
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Recommendations to Congress of the National Academy of Sciences in reference
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Ross (1905). Logical Basis of Mosquito Reduction. British Medical Journal,
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of all courts and back j'ards forming a common access to
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scalp grew to the head and the young chief won by it great glory. Moreover,
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is a very good exercise for the foot and for the calf. In
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Comparatively small quantities of fluid may suffice to separate the heart
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aunt on father's side insane. The mother married twice, the first
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Eggs. — Lightly dressed, either boiled, poached, or made
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reason to entertain the hope tbat it may not now overrun a
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without ansesthesia, and limited toi one limb or part of one limb, are unmis-
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periments by a Mr. Crosse and a Mr. "Weekes. These two ob-
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actinomycotic inhalation-pneumonia). The actinomycomata of
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1857.] Epidemic Catarrh in Horses, by Dr. Bowler. 265
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petic affections, by being applied to the skin. —
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the institution has worked satisfactorily, and we presume,
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must be resorted to, and after a time (which individual judgment only can
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• *1886. Prudden, T. Mitchell, 160 West 59th St., New York.
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considerable volume of residual blood within the ventricles. As
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thus made man a tool-using animal; another wielded a stick,
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ing, as he thought he did, that Weir Mitchell was in
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fortable and successful. Weickler has a still smaller institution
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breeds carelessness leads to the use of dirty, uncleansed needles. This indeed,
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by granulation. After this all the wounds progressed
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for one another. For example, in Schwalbe's two represen-
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lating chemical combinations. He found, that ammonia and
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chancroid should be avoided, as suppuration is then
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ficial food was not well tolerated except by the strong-
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imagined that a focus of disease would be created, and that
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Report of the Committee on Hygiene.— Dr. E. V. Stod-
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Although poisoning from meats was noticed at an early date and fre-
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we must use much caution in concluding 1 that it has a directly
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highest temperature was 102° F. I thought it was due either to
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bacteria were introduced while this process was progressing the micro-
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I came down to Eau Claire last evening and put in an evening with the
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the United States Army had accomplished nothing else, the
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the lips of man than those of his subordinates in creation.
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