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publication of Dr. Krull, who treated eleven cases of catarrhal jaun-

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sugar must be left unburnt. When any is left, the ovum be-

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to show that the gravity of both conditions is increased when occurring

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typhoid fever several weeks must elapse ere the bacterial life period

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has been rendered slightly acid, it forms a perfectly transparent growth

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recommended as an adjuvant to other treatment. A glass of cold water

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ment was pursued. They are equally valuable, because all sources of

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suitable for the surgeon. The rontgenograms were selected from

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tion of the physician, who may at once note the result of an improper

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ologist, who cultivates a streptococcus, makes a vaccine, and pro-

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their Therapeutic Principles and Uses — ^Toxines and Antitoxins —

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different in their effect upon the skin, and, as has been shown, utterly

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rarely into the sixth or even the seventh week, and the fever observed

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Error in these examinations is excluded by the fact that the same

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N. M. McNeill. AY. W. Buttle, W. C. Allison, H. N. Greaves,

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sero-fibrinous or fibrino-purulent exudation, is generally present in the

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some disorder connected with the navel. Antipyrin was given in doses

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seventy-eight pounds and a half. Dr. Hodenpyl reported : First examination,

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1 : 40, with a time-limit of one hour, is preferable.

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in front of the patient's teeth, and withdraw it rapidly. Bardeleben

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♦"Treatment of Enteric Fever," London, H. K. Lewis, 1892.

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quantitative analysis of the urine be made at the proper time (Jaccoud).

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ternal conditions Avhich favor the development of the plasmodia may