eral, from the first appearance of his disease, no great benefit can be obtained

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    {■^^ Specif IcaMons call for conpl eta/ coverage.

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    (1), £2 2s.; two years' Dental Hospital Practice, £10 10s. General

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    for every session they attend subsequent to the completion of their

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    high professional attainments on the part of those who hold them.

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    special attack of pain. Other severe nervous symptoms, such as paresthesia

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    and can be used to control tt» flow of rollk through tfte HIST pasteurizer. The Ifwjellers

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    Dental Surgery, free to students of the Hospital; to others, £5 for one

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    to want, that he is destitute, that he and his family must starve or go to the

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    insane, too, subjective sensations of taste (hallucinations of taste) may occur.

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    however, often assume gradually a more exaggerated form — the patient con-

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    but they lack the vivid memory of former punishments or the conviction that

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    standing are very difficult or almost impossible, since the iliopsoas is necessary

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    aspect is persistently lachrymose. Even in laughing, the lower half of the

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    rare. In them we may observe a complete cerebral hemianesthesia combined

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    Kryofin is recommended as being particularly efficacious in sciatica (gr.

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    of a cane, and the gait remains slow and labored, but the advantage of inde-

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    possible relation between malarial neuritis and beri-beri (q. v.). — K.] Of

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    hospital is divided into two distinct departments : a lying-in depart-

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    Appoin^mvents, — Dresserships in the extraction room : These appoint-

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    unable to care for himself, soils himself unwittingly, wanders about undressed,

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    of the absence of paresis. In many cases with slight ataxia and marked hyper-

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    group of cases where the agent that infects the pia mater originates at some

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    251. Physiology of Blood, Circulation, and Respiration. — Lectures and recitations,

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    percent water in fresh whole milk. 'Jonfat dry milk is nade by removing fat and water

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    he ought to hold either socially or intellectually, that he is ill-treated, and

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    accurate. The weights of the cans are increased Dy the weight of the appropriate

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    lower) produce a better. quality product becauafe upon thawing, slowly

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    Emmett, Lester Henry, a, w, sp, Ogden, Utah. A.B. (U. of Utah) '34.

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    may lawfully use his title of physician, surgeon, or apothecary, or

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    lesion of the parathyroid glands, or epithelial bodies, as they are now gen-

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    admitted to examxnaticm on producing their Diploma, Lioenoe, or Degree^

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    The physician who bears in mind the principles just expounded can lay

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    3rd, certificate of the verbal examination ; 4th, certificate that the candidate

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    ^ The ' formula for c<»8puting the perceat breading ist

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    tient often betrays no sign of disease, shows that epilepsy cannot be due to

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    ferences in the laboratory. l|Cs. Autumn, lecture: Tu., 11:00; Th., 9:00; laboratory:

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    couraged and taught to disregard them, and should be trained to actions

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    Hospital for Children, in May, 1931. The bed capacity is 157. The Department of

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    through " reflex collaterals " reaching them from the posterior root fibers.

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    conception of plethora — is not yet cleared up. Still, some findings speak for

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    one side, and they often roll about. Tlie lids are tightly closed or occasionally