fleeting phenomenon, like the other manifestations of the affection. In


corpuscles have been previously deficient. Even when blood is injected

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patients. In the 10 in whom the disorder was eliminated the

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passing close to the bone, came out behind about one and

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tension by water, and therefore know that what I have asserted of

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G15 • greens 2 and 3 • full lines of A O Calobars and B & L Ray-Bans

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Harrison was conscious of the difference between right and wrong ; but

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white spot (tdche laitue) on the surface of the heart, a want of

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comparatively few hogs are shipped out. It is seen at once that,

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may have been only apparent, being induced by the hypersesthesia and

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The following figures present the case as it now stands with modern

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inclement weather prevents exercise without, it should be done in-doors.

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performed with the strictest antiseptic and aseptic precautions,

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Where tophi are present the typical acicular crystals

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etf^es of the illness. Basophile leucocytes are always present,

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The author deplores the necessity of removing a healthy

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polypus of malignant nature, it being evi- ^ air from the whole tract of intestines, which

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the Code as its guidt\ tlie Comitia Minora iiave given

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of 12.5 per cent fibrinogen suspension, 37.5 per cent serum, and 50

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taxed from $30,000 to $35,000 for the privil^e of pursu-

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Islander, apparently at the time free from leprosy,

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all observers as forming part of the anatomical picture. A case recorded

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around all the affected joints simultaneously to the number of

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thing being laid down somewhat dogmatically, as is very proper

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more perilous in its results, and therefore, it becomes necessary

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reflex action is abnormally great, and in many sucli we obtain im-

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bandage has not escaped, but is made of metal and plated

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(Case 14) when he was in comparatively good condition and was quite

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treated as above. If possible, the animal should be fed on grass and should

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there was entirely sufficient cause to account for the suppres-

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The time at which it occurs, and the degree in which it is

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an ointment of aconitina gr. j, cerate 5j; applied to the part.

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rents proceeding along a wire, as a proof of the elimination

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8. Berenger-Feraud : De la fievre bileuse melanurique des pays chauds,

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Europe, yet I think the condition is one for congratulation, for

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be removed mechanically, after which solution of silver

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locating the stricture, and the location is of aid iu determin-

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shock by no means small, the writer has never seen such

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If the stomach be very much distended, one and one-half pints to one

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albuminuria is frequently augmented by an ether narcosis ;

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