insufficient grounds. It can hardly be doubted that the result is fatal in

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    the esophagus contracts, and the invaginated portion, now unfolded,

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    sufficient, and the mistake as to the signification of la rage will be found

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    ciating torture. I do not lay much stress upon the integu-

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    utility of which he had laid stress. He had one criticism


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    tagion resides in the expectoration of phthisical patients,

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    the lower limbs. The patient has sensations of tingling, pins and needles,

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    urine was clear, yellow, acid, faint trace of albumin,

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    police, as the latter are not obliged to give passage to one who merely shows his

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    ting up in bed and shaking hands with him, and there was

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    feeling toward the opposite sex, at times even disgust of

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    muco-fibrinous, and, 3d, of a fibrino-purulent, exudation. Each of these

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    out from the peritoneal sac, showing the beginning of a pelvic peri-

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    and that in nearly every instance his " communications were

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    3 per cent, caustic soda solution, and extracting with chloroform,

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    ung. ix, 180 ))p., 2 x>l. 8°. Stuttgart, F. Eiike,

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    Eolando causes anaesthesia in the region of distribution of the fifth nerve

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    occasioned by a membranous band — one of intermittent coma — one of

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    pretence to represent the profession, and have utterly

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    is to make good the loss caused by the general leak-

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    in adults ; (2) because the whole abdomen, including the pelvis,

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    brain. The quantity of fluid in the ventricles was often very great ; in the

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    record the results of some investigations on the causes of the

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    where the disease is very j)revalent, the rich were by no means

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    A Compend of Human Physiology. Especially adapted for tiie

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    posed by some to remain stationary; by others, and by Mr. Callaway also, it

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    resemble the connective-tissue nuclei, but are greatly

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    Hyoscyamus. — One grain of Hyoscyamine, the active prin-

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    had always been immediately repaired and he had never

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    It has been remarked by Dr. Elliotson, that when the disorder is confined to

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    him a liberty, a privilege, and a rank which he never possessed

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    wliole body; . . . the patient immediately gets upon his toes, and steps

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    beneficial effects as a heat generating substance, we shall not

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    aerobic organisms live at the bottom of the sea. In this case the oxygen

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    motto '' prove all things, hold fast to that which is good '^

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    I was called to this patient at half past seven o'clock p. m., Mondav,

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    The limb was placed in an easy position, bandaged, and six leeches

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    or three ounces, whilst of others it might only be as

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    purity based upon the carbonic acid content of the air