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British Congress of Tuberculosis (1901), and from these the following

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muscles cause an increased flow towards the heai*t of the blood in the veins, so

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his benevolent exertions. The new nose is superior in appearance to

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and now adorn the museum of the Hospital^ instead of forming a recep-

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Jiruation, adds still more to the catalogue of diseases sbe>bas tor suAr*

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to a process of autointoxication, to an abnormal absorption of products of

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day the patient rode to her home, the distance of four miles. On the

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the coccyx. The colotomy wound can afterwards be closed.

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rilla ! All the valuable essential oils afford easy and too tempting op-

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and physical torpor that respiration could hardly be continued. Hie

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patients between the ages of 19 and 20; and in the seventh part oolj

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abscess sac and its contents. The disease commences at the apex of the

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Outside Europe and the Mediterranean there are not a great number

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nervous system may occur ; and although the posterior columns of the spinal

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which reached as low as the umbilicus. Whether solid or cystic they are

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6rst cold, is now warm. The patient now complains of pain in the

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caries may be defined as a gradual disintegration of the tooth substance,

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breathing is liable to be more or less interfered with. The difficulty in

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Xhf tumor was situated on the superior part of the right parietal bone,

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as to cause certain preparations of lead, e.g. diachylon-plaster, to be regarded

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On the t^rincipies and Practice of Surgery, - t( Oa. Otis,

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rassing to our vision. This propensity to wander is, however, some-

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Antipyretics should therefore be employed with caution, more especially as

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Miller, M.D., of Franklin, Vice Presiderd ; John Homans, M.D., of

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patient after every fresh administration, and watchiag for aoy diaposkioii

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Treatment. — Primary haemorrhage should be arrested at once, the

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the greater is the liability for dyspnoea to arise ; and the more chronic the

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dominal plethora or rheumatism, which are rapidly benefited by the use

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lower limbs, with paif and stiffness in the knees, shoulders, and arms.

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The more I reflect upon the functions of the spinal column, the more

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furnished her, and a gracious Providence granted her a safe, though

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but now extends neariy the whole length of the tibia. Applied ung.

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compression over the heart appeared. During three months immediately

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laris mucosae becomes infiltrated with fluid and leucocytes, weakening it

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alcoholic cases a little from the first. Most cases require alcohol in their

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tory function have been known, have not been commonly employed for