his fellows. His profession differentiates itself from that of labor
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    appearances occasionally, can be excluded by careful attention to the
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    in croupous pneumonia. The infer lor par t of the left upper lobe posteriorly
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    In certain cases, artificial pneumothorax is an excellent remedy.
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    originated as a non-rheumatic pericarditis, perhaps of a tubercular
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    the ends pass obliquely downward to the upper part of the calf and the pos-
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    able confidence in the following cases of consumption :
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    small yellow spot at its most prominent portion. To the touch, the
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    without anesthesia to complete Bodine's operation, it would
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    shows them to be composed of two substances : an insoluble stroma of
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    of the properties necessary as health agencies in the hands of the
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    plished thereby. However, like the man in the story who was
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    tolerant, retains the food for some time until decomposition
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    fistulse are present, it is found that injections into the fistulse themselves are
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    tional guide in the choice of the anesthetic. Further than this,,
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    treated medically, M. Eoux has had six imperfect cures, with fistulas and re-
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    sionally acting the same way, may cause some intestinal pain of
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    In conclusion, we believe all the children were probably infected with
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    occipital fissure which united the two lobes. The remainder of the con-
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    have never failed to read with interest all papers bearing there-
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    6. Acute inflammation of the middle ear, with secondary subperiosteal
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    septicsemia is an uncommon complication of cancer of the womb will be
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    with the ointment by drawing it through the mass, which solidifies promptly
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    Ptosis of the transverse colon is also frequently taken for the
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    observation. Navigation may be studied. Every bucket of sea water
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    sputum. Poultices were applied and amm(mium carbonate and whiskey
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    conditions and they know the materials with which they work.
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    stops — no mean accomplishment in this verbose age. The great fault in
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    is considerable. The endocardium of the auricle and ventricle, the cur-
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    tributor has done much, very much, to make the work the success
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    11. Petri, J., Ueber 42 im pathologischen Institut zu Berlin in der Zeit von
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    beat 140 per minute, two inches to the right and below the umbilicus.
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    are accustomed to look at questions from all points of view. There
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    Philadelphia in June, but to this there have been objections
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    may occur without suppuration on the other. Usually fluctuation may be
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    [These are very forcible and somewhat surprising conclusions, but they are
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    opening was made and tubes were passed proximally and distally
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    The experience of medical men the world over has been that
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    rales, notably on deep inspiration. Abdomen negative. Day
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