The heart muscle is best toned by baths and by exercise, and the
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    of respiratory failure due to mechanical obstruction. The two cases of
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    dangerous, as luxurious habits favor arteriosclerosis. The patient
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    concentrate the attention. In both instances the hands were unsteady.
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    signs of myocarditis. But it was Laennec who first of all distin-
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    the anterior tip of the tricuspid valve has been reported by Eonnen-
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    directions, forward into the capillaries and backward into the heart.
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    form which indicates that the proper spread of the impulse through
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    companied by a sense of constriction. The suffering is always severe,
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    Intimations of syphilis of the heart may be found in the writings
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    The Nitrogen Metabolism. — In the periods in which the total nitro-
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    41. Kauder: Arch. f. exper. Path. u. Pharmakol., 1886, xx, 411.
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    specimens and without regard to the amount of fat ingested. Dunn 1
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    application of cold in the form of ice-bags, or cold cloths in the
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    the sternum), murmur of continuous character in the case of varicose
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    takes a much longer time for the thrombin formed by the hemophilic
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    names cannot be given until we have relatively complete pathological
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    in low spirits and shed tears on the slightest provocation. Occasion-
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    the apex stroke. The right ventricle in these cases sometimes be-
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    developed the disease. As she was eight months pregnant, she was quite
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    Sections of the lung were studded with miliary areas. Many of these were
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    first lead, while the third lead complex is distinctly peculiar. The patient
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    dase mononuclear, nonoxydase mononuclear, and vitally staining cells,
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    upon autopsy. Not infrequently the end catastrophe, that is, the
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    H. family. They were, however, so intimately connected that it was impos-
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    The treatment of the superficial lymphangiomata falls more
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    is as yet sufficiently proved for it to be adopted as a routine method
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    be either benign or malign. As the malignant (septic) forms more
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    and he was able to play tennis and golf. The cell count in his spinal fluid
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    Fig. 3.— Valerian on strip of rabbit intestine, applied at "1," to make a
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    only one was the influenza bacillus positively identified.
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    blood as large mononuclears, and that they are not related to the lymphoid
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    they become discontented. A very considerable proportion of the
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    when any serum containing active thrombin and calcium is allowed to
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    tricle. Finally, however, the hypertrophy must give way. Here-
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    which quickly poisons the heart muscle. Curnow found the heart
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    not nearly so much advanced as in the form we have just considered,
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    Eiselsberg 00 on cats, had already suggested in England the transplan-
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    to the normal. All these experiments were made under strict anti-
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    cover an area whose largest diameter varies from 100 to 700 microns, generally