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siderable fullness and oppression below tlie pubes. For two years

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(G.) Ophthalmia nodosa. Tr. West. Ophtli.. Otol. [etc.]

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Lavender, etc. — This plant is cultivated for medicinal purposes.

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When the whole constitution is susceptible and impressions

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other medication. This rarely causes vomiting unless the stomach is

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the idea that be is sick, or that he is going to be sick. Henoe, in the

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The largest mass is one and one-half inches in the rectum, involv-

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accept the theory that this sarcomatous change was a

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reaction is due to the appearance of specific ferments, which bring

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of the trouble. Temperature normal, pulse 76 ; no noticeable


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And instead of it we have croup, of which disease I have, with-

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p. 555), this compound may be removed by shaking the urine with lead carbonate

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syphilis arises as often whether specifics have been

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upon and interferes with the diastole; cardiac spasm diminishing cardiac relaxa-

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to the origin of the disease. Personally, I doubt that milk

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yielded to the universal demand, and threw himself into

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for them, and was unaware of their nature until a week before

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raise any objection. By shifting the blan- give the Von Pirquet test to all members of

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time is so limited, I will confine my remarks to subdural abscess.

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proportion of albumen has been daily diminishing; pulse, 56; skin moist; no headache;

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hand in hand the clinical picture of pneumonia is apt to be very atypical.

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made the history of one case that came under his observation

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work. The name of the publisher is a sufficient guaranty that the general

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ing from one of its fangs. When the nature of the case does not

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The possibility of the development of a subsequent trau-

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Fig. 107 is a tracing taken from a girl ten years old who had a severe

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disorders. Under their use the erythemata grow pale, the wheals

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has no census reports of her vital and mortuary statistics. We have

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pilot. The aviator himself is serenely unconscious of the effect of

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swollen feet ; pulse 108, hemic murmur in neck, pallor of lips,

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recurrence and no death. Three years of age is the usual or routine

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a point halfway between the anterior superior spine of the ilium and the

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out to me by the surgeon as likely to be returned. He

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