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Dowler. Price $5 per annum. The learned editor's extended reputation
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but its presence in the portal blood favors the conversion of
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By Sir Henry Holland, from the third London edition*
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full of elegant diction, scientific truths, and a finish that but few
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allows a free exercise and play of the animal poivers, and gives
duced caution in its application to practice, till its influence on
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scribed and intended by the committee to be a tribute from all nations to
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of disturbing the vitreous by dragging the foreign body
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attacks; thirst. (5) Burning in the stomach; circumscribed bor-
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perceived, in a greatly abridged form, is incorporated into the treaties
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These observations do not relate to epileptic coma or apoplexy
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smooth and glossy one, though many think that the bigger the scar the
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this we see so fully displayed in the condition of the lungs,
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experiment with others, and a similar result was produced. He accord-
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throughout these institutes. But they embrace a long chap-
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did the authors find this concentrated solution of tannin, that they
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the mode of delivery. Some writers advance the opinion, that
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one dose of some laxative, as castor oil, to prepare for the dislodg-
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with certain histological peculiarities or conditions of parts, as an
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Introduction of a stick or swab-handle more than ten inches long into the
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physical and chemical principles to explain the phenomena
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small portion of fecal matter is early suspended in the liquids and
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In scarlatina its power is well acknowledged, but its ration-
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be presented before tickets or invitations could be secured ; a
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I must now, gentlemen, retrace my steps, and take up one of
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hence such practice must of necessity multiply the victims of Croup. And this
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not fall so low. This is due in part, no doubt, to the frequency
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Newspapers please copy. E. P. CHRISTIAN, Secretary.
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bodies, it is manifest that those particles are polarized by the
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have limited ourselves to establish by this means the stroke of the apex,
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M. D., is demonstrative that the author is up to the times, and
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only seemed involved. There was much ecchymosis, especi-
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of imagination, and the most sublime conceptions of genius.
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The names of Drs. Sutton and Giles on the title-page of any
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deavor to follow him around the room, though quite insensible to pinching,
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ening of the mucous membrane of the orifice of the "urethra, warty
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and the result must be attributed to the good condition of his general
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and met with one of these cases. The sutures will certainly cut
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therapia, by the views we adopt in reference to the subject under con-
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ent upon healthy nutrition for the manifestation of healthy
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13th. Patient had had several fecal evacuations from the oil
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the bottom of the vessel, pertinaciously holding its victim till
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authority, and their origin is lost in the hazy obscurity of the
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outbreak of the cholera of 1854, we warned the authorities of its approach,
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boiling ; and also by distilling fusil oil with chloride of zinc. It is color-
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years old, about a year since. It was situated on the back, over
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purulent matter at a time from the chest through the original wound.
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tial link with the other two, and which I have designated the
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and was pressed firmly against the part for about ten seconds. I
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ing but once in life ; On the connection and classification of certain
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all fevers prevailing in this region, goes far in support of this
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