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fees obtained by Dr. Sexton, Dr. Parke, and other expert
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in a pouch underneath it. When this condition is met with,
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new illustrations have been added and thirty of the old ones
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never small pox. The small pox germ never begets cholera, and so
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weekly bills of mortality ; as well as the observa-
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infection may be minimized by the prompt, topical application of an efficient antibacterial agent. For this
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of the major veterinary features which should be brought to the
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which the symptoms predominate over the physical signs ; and 3. That
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whole appears the best method, as it stops the paroxysms speedily, and
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The statistics of the Pasteur Institute, giving the mortality from rabies
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Taylor, Samuel Gale, 111, a, w, sp, Chicago. A.B. (Yale C.) '27.
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the deeper parts.^ The stitches were passed in the fol-
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their inactivity, loss of appetite, non-resistance to handling, and
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rarely is it possible to demonstrate all three ferments, while most fre-
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small quantity of the blandest articles of food. It is an object throughout
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out delay. On no account should the hand be withdrawn after its insertion,
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OK), he gives the pathological analoriiv in general, and
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lung, apart from other recognised lesion, as it advances in the kidney,
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enabled to prepare, in time, for presentation at the present meet-
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centre opposite the end of the 9th, She refused operation.
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agists in the digestion and assimilation of food; for it is nature's
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of tuberculosis appearing late in childhood or in adults must be
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were successfully reared." Here evidently there had been no deficiency
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1898 Cbawlkt, Fbaex Chstwodb, M.D., B.Ch., Uniy. Dob., 41 Lower
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"There is no exanthem present, the left leg alone appearing slightly
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tutional remedies at present in use in this disease are
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14. Antony G. Personal communication. Soultzbach-les-
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and demeanor, will, perhaps, exhibit himself in the more menacing attitude in
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of these contributory factors. Even the temperature of the air has a potent
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According to the height of the column of water in the inlet-
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derafed. deBordeanx, 1886-7, xvi, 437; 448; 46.i.— Baculo
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cidedly a justifiable palliative operation, and ought to be
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be taken without pain ; and the little patient gradually re-
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a slight extent, beneath ihe pleura of the lelt lung.