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Commentary. The occurrence of cancer in the brain is exceedingly

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excision but if deprived of the whole organ the ultimate result is

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according to the strength and constitutional vigour of the

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Hip joint Disease. The presence of the characteristic

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Two grains of carbonate of potash dissolved as above took up grains of

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utilizes certain proteins in the management of disease

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At times the attack is preceded by depravations of vision and audi

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have seen a fatal case of discrete small pox with sub vesicular haemorrhage

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The Auditing Committee reported that they found the

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that after the lapse of the first week the vaginal tampon and

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half saturation of the serum with ammonium sulphate and

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The pulse during the whole time was full and rather

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come cold. The physical signs corresponded with the general

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entirely overlooked. The vomited blood may be only in

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carbonate in chloroform water. With excessive secretion

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the virus fljould be propagated to the mount of ve

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their walls without increase of lumen two outer toes

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nal dropsy probably served as centres of contagion. The

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for separate provision for her insane criminals but

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usually free from albumin. The primary seat of infection becomes dry

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cess extends from the bronchi though it is possible for necrosis and softening

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entirely special to epileptics and intermediate between the mental lucidity

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results as at a post mortem examination. A wife is also reported to

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Have you used Dr. Linford Hoffman s Osteopathic preparation for athletic

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in the recent periodicals that I do not care to enter into the

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the sickness has ended that the period of incubation has passed and

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consequences if those who have suffered from a mild epidemic

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no apparent continuous attempt is made to inculcate the basic principles of

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Calves and Lambs Calves segregated lambs isolated when no

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lated in the ureter come away in an almost dry state resembling

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The general or true principles of shoeing being ever kept

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ner the medicinal ingredients are destroyed or much deteriorated in the

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