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for minor acts of writing, but there must always be a risk of its " giving
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records and with a history of attack in each year after onset, we obtain
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change from a dry. unproductive cough to a productive cough Hytuss is therefore useful
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tremities with ataxia, and considerable motor weakness
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by Bramins, the other by Rajpoots and Domes. Of the first caste,
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masses and often was continuous with the tumor tissue. The
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the ocular inflammation is serous in character, with a
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and if we find that contractile power is left in the bowel we
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The waters prepared without distillation (by diffusing the
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tical in size. Tlie remaining portion of each cornea was entirely
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follow wiring of patellfe or removal of semilunar cartilages or
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l>o.\, either recently dead or paralyzed. The two remaining did not
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the first metacarpal bone is very prominent ; nail on its terminal
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of remedial and curative measures and agencies, and among such
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among whom were Stokes, Graves, Churchill, Hamilton, Law
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blood. In the majority of reptiles, and small birds and mammals, the blood
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mond, who was shot by M'Naughten, in January 1843, the symptoms were
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different crystals, together with considerable amorphous material.
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Sec. 6. That the term •' drug," as used in this Act, shall include all medicines
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The Coroner to be a Lawyer.— The following report
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diagnosis, and with the rectal specialist that he is not an
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coated. Bieedinj» seemed to me to be the only appropriate
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carry on to quite an old age without giving any particular discomfort
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sal type. Typical cases of the disease as to onset, symp-
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loss of blood. The successful result in this case was due to the
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Fuller." 2 Fuller claims for the alkaline treatment efficiently pursued
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^_ J 1 1 breast fed babies the condition is sometimes due to
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The treatment of the disease itself is essentially local, just as for
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latus has been assigned as the causative factor. Koplik has met the
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cumstances, a poultice then applied for two hours, and the raised
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occasional narrowing of the lumen. l\sually these dilatations are cylindric,
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and phosphate of calcium. By distillation with charcoal in an
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to illustrate the beneficial effect of the ipecacuanh.i
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to which the iodine solution had given rise by reacting on the pro-
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-where adhesions of the peritoneum to the abdominal wall
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chyluria and huematuria. h. Under trematoda are included distoma hcpaticum
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duce the desired improvement or when the symptoms relapse.