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three rather loose watery stools. At times good follows from giving the
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epiphyseal ends of youth, and the fusion of the real age.
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It has already been stated that the general character of the growth, the
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•A raiv..,.., i. 3 Mvl • . vv,.;,!.-:: th2!::br; •■.-.•.•M in w::!.r :,:,.', ,.r,v. ..t, .1 fr..n. ^!!i„s l,y ,,:,.atir <.f
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but it is impossible to say whether it was causal or a complication of the
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'.illier tortuous in tin- cortex (the proximal eonxolu'cd lulinle', liut soon
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"the symptoms in this case are not solely due to the retention of creatinin or
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-iniiile sdlutidii. it dues nut in any way ehaiiy:e tiie ])liysieal condition of
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The question sometimes arises as to whemer any severe local treatment —
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office. He may rest assured that the medical director will take nothing for
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nitro-en. The estimatimi of the aniiiM.-acid nitrofjen of the urine ha-
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In any of these cases associated with a marked obstruction to a free flow
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.■,i„l ..'r.vn ).i-m.-nts lik.- Ili.is.- of tlic l.il.'. Wlnn lHnio|ysi> iv |.io,lii 1,
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tliiit the (■.ilciiiiii iicis: I'di- cxjiiniili', cloltiiii; (icciirs wlicii piliilicil lln-niii
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Fig. 2. Skiagram of the first phalangeal joint, showing atrophy of cartilage,
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It is possible that two diseases may co-exist, but this is too uncommon to
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briefly described, and in corroboration of the truth,
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in the change from the former routine work of the patient, the rest and
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agglutinated infarcts surrounded by lamellae of similar or dissimilar salts in
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Actinomycosis. — Actinomycosis of the thyroid has been observed.
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l.'il. Di^Tslivc |.i.H,T of thf .jiii.-.'. as nicasinr.l l.y tlu' lonmli of llii> pi-otdiii
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inhibiting all movements for a short space of time and exhibiting a certain
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extent, are present, or the back of the hand, one finger, or an eyelid swells,
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found bits of necrotic tissue, phosphatic crystals, and material resembling
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ate and calcium and magnesium phosphate.) Litten, in 1881, tied the
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way is the result. Some cases of contracted kidney with amyloid seem clearly
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marked. But these groupings are rather artificial. The statement of
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a life iihenomenon, or "vital process." Now we know that yeast cells
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.i|' ihr l-l'll til illlMM'll ' illlllilll' I U:ill|- 1 M r IiM'JT (i'J '.
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infection. In the later stages the diagnosis is often very easy, the patient
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esp.M'ially in one kidiu'V as eompired with the other, i'oi' this purpose
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oftenest tuberculosis, but it is not yet known whether other disturbances
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are overcome, the rest are easily ascended; in handshaking, the grasp is
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druria. The preceding history is, when obtainable, of great assistance in the
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made to cases described as due to tumors pressing upon the cauda equina
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