into insoluble sulphide of iron, chlorosis will result if the accumulation of
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course preclude the possibility that achvlia mav de-
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out; e. finished capsule; f, for contact with patient's blood; li.
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tion. Two creeds were at that time, before the den-
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eral reaction of the subcutaneous test cannot decide
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ing, and causing infection after being ingested and
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It has been contended that the conception of adaptation has no place
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3. Fr. Proe^cher. Nnv York Medical J<)urnal, April
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Chronic cystitis ; acute parenchymatous nephritis with miliary abscesses ;
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glandular swellings may not occur. In the ordinary cases, however,
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a meat-diet prescribed, two drachms of sodium phosphate to be given
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healed promptly, but some were very slow. Another son had 2 frac-
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as often as at the base), and at the inferior scapular
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means which involved the maintenance of a succession of cases, however
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essentials of the hygiene and home treatmenf of tu-
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stimulating both local resistance and the production
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sequently delivered of a healthy male child. Cameron calls attention to a
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calomel, until it acts freely on the secretions, in order to prevent reinfection.
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itself should not be used as a sleeping apartment for
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found tubercle-bacilli. The patient made, however, a good recovery.
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study of the structure and functions of the body in health and disease.
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the dose given was 4 c.cm. This was continued for six days, and, after
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aliandoned for a large body of water. In spite of the
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tumor, but connected by a bridge of partly degenerated medullary fibres.
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work in medicine will enable this country to contribute to the progress
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ble after opening the vaginal septum by finding that
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Labor was not especially difficult, the child being small, and having been
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degrees of increased production and circulation of lymjjh associated
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to her married sister, and they were advised to inform her fiance. She
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12. Experimental Study of Bacteria Isolated from Tonsils,
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was finally made by the treatment, by an act of gross
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tacks or injections until February 21st when he had three
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Widal and Achard attempted to ascertain what substances in the
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Lenhartz,* using Congo-red as a test, observed the absence of free
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of the hive for the deposition of excreta and special
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is problematical. In some cases the children have been weakly, but as
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fluid like urine, their action is abolished in the i)res-