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women, both married and unmarried, and had protested
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we are of opinion that he was justified in acceding to their request
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Other cases that profit largely by sea voyages are the
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yeast in 3 per cent, potash, and precipitates it by the succes-
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year. We do not pee how Mr. Cripps deals with this. He
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extreme cold gives rise to languor, lowering of the sensibility,
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The Tumour. — The tumour was irregular in shape, and
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or near the neck of the femur, two on the right side, and one
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former spread over the body ; there was also an aggravation
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quiet, and there was considerable yellow expectoration. I detected
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Salary, £7.5 per annum, with board and residence. Applications to
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attached itself to the distinction, the climax of which was reached one
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pleted at the seat of the hernia or through a median incision.
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. the, speeches of the medical deputation were criticised. Gene-
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attended to elsewhere directly after the accident. The first
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oozing in miscarriage. The pulse was quick, fluttering, and
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panies' mains, only 400. In well water from the chalk the
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Mr. Walter Williams : Epithelial Tissue, more especially Ciiliated Epi-
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the death of Mr. Joseph Thomas Boyd, L.S.A. The deceased
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subsequent experience, however, I am inclined to doubt very
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Huddersfleld, Hull, Gateshead, and Newcastle-upon-Tyne ; scarlet fever
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one ? In the heart itself the essence of life could not be
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satisfactory results : in the other seven, the retention was re-
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costs of law cases now pending, which will very possibly
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always appeared to me as a recreation, even after wearying
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A marriage has recently taken place in Rome between a
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assume for themselves the status of a body of bacteriological I
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incubation, they were especially evident after it. Similar
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cases of chyluria, one of them fatal ; diseases not to be found,
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a decrease in other parts of England taken as a whole. In
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simple instrument for plugging the nares in epistaxis. It
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shows tliat these again may be subdivided into various
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away. On^ June 27th a dense undergrowth of young hairs
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also be little doubt that the nucleus exercises a controlling
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microscopic examination, which showed the leucocytes to be
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but, as much as it is before that work in containing an
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presentatives in the highest cortical level similarly separated.
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Destruction of both capsules is fatal. The animals, ac-
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were showing in this — as in many other things— that we
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imagination, in order to convert it into a simple one, and to
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an infringement of personal liberty a thousand-fold greater
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capsules. It is useful in flatulent dyspepsia and in hysteria
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European bath resorts." Whatever value the author's obser-
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of the bacillus to the practical treatment of the cholera ques-
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