is, fourth day), however, there was a sudden development of
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kind, pass out by different mucous membranes, excreting an abundant
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watering has ceased. Meanwhile the remaining filters are
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nental and partly from English sources, eleven cases of frac-
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rather compensatory than otherwise, is described by Thoma as the
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of Wisconsin, claim to have discovered what they term a diphtheroid
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ribbon-like appearance. An early examination by the finger should
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J, P. Hunt, G. A. Hughes, R. Jennings, J. J. Lauiprev, T. Ligertwood. N.
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Mich attention has been drawn during the last few years to
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were heard of in Leicester. Northward a few eases occurred in the New-
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and Mr. T. W. Crosse, of Xonyich. Successful meetings had
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about three weeks. Some three months afterwards his
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hospital at Siddal the figures which we tabulate below con-
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urine. Glycosuria is, therefore, the first sign of diabetes, and, when
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returns to the mouth by way of the tonsil, thus thoroughly cleansing
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similar to those above described, but there is no afTection of any joints
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sarily entailed by the fibro-sclerosing i)rocess already described, and
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we have two kidneys, when any one may get along very well for years
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tional funds to aid in the furnishing of the hospital on the
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in them, whether before or after the lymph was taken. It
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After an incubation period averaging from twelve to fourteen days,
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we obtain these results in percentages of total cases at each
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Lobar Pneumonia, 140 — ^Typhoid Fever, 148 — ^Paratyphoid Fever, 164 —
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Through the Middle Ages it was very prevalent in all European
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Gestation, ectopic, case of, 177 ; and acute intes-
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of sodium phosphate and 10 gr. of sodium salicylate in hot water on ris-
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noted that insufficient care was taken to prevent communica-
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lia^ Merced up ru m »st oi the Comrnitteps His intinate koowledge t f t te
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stomach, sudden fatal hematemesis having been reported as a first sign
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vised regulation," and the petty self-sufficiency of its authors.
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Mr. Watsox Chbyxe did not think that operations which
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ness or paralysis from a special organic disease of the ner^'ous
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let of the gall-bladder this viscus may soon become distended and form
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this does not give a satisfactory result, and that a spirit of special
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characters and properties of the tubercle bacillus are not in the gross
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Ha'^dfield Jones, M., M.D., M.R.C.P. The Treatment of Adhesiona after
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April, 1892,' he reports a good many cases of patients who
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10 c.c. of Riv-r Isar water. The latter was collected about 150 metres
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tion of nitrate of silver. Silver nitrate has no penetrating power,
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2. That the Liverpool Eya and Ear Infirmary be recnunised as an Oph-o;
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so-called ' 'lightning pains' ' already referred to. These shoot usually from
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in the third week, and less again in the fourth week. In relapses the
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toward the formation of glucose, which change is afterward completed
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ever, that although the life-history of the protozoa is well