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    phases of appendicitis which, by either signs, symptoms
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    classification should be insisted upon in compiling statistics of results, if
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    I think the lesions on the hands and feet are typical of pityriasis rubra
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    largest which is u-ed in this country— namely, Simpson's or Rober ton's
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    he could carry out these orders he was attacked with catarrh.
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    that this disease at least is propagated by promiscuous
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    treat the case successfully. But if we cannot remove
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    tube, especially if the tip is snipped off and rounded by
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    1. Those diseases which interfere with the complete combustion of food
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    changes of temperature from hot to cold, and vice versa; (c) Nervous
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    time the temperature should be obsei*A''ed, and the parts should be
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    Scott confirmed this observation. He found an equal
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    This report adds to the rather limited number of brain tum-
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    change in condition of larynx after the injection. Lungs : Slight
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    every other drug, that in its sleep-producing action, there are no attendant symptoms of
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    The liquids were examined only at times indicated in the table.
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    work. Every possible attention has been paid to the men
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    idea invoked then dominates the field of consciousness uninter-
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    on boiling, it is possible that the strange phenomenon
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    most consistent with known facts. That such local congestions do frequently
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    in association, with few exceptions, comprise the basis of modern
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    the applicants, and another makes the baoteriologic tests. The
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    The Temperaments and their Varieties: The Sanguine, The Bil-
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    lies open before us. The comparative value of its three
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    would look for counsel, for reference, for advice. It would
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    yes, in the hands of reckless and ignorant men ; but there is
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    valve was again divided. The result was not satisfactory. In
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    the idea of inflammatory agency — this really appears to be the
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    in my experience for heart affections, functional or
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    arms of the little patient, thus rendering enveloping in a
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    ^ Read before the American Ophthalmological Society, 1884.
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    country that developed anything like a medical science or a med-
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    disposed to attribute to a degeneration in the powers of
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    pain, sometimes jeopardizing life. They may also open into the antral
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    Lactose, which in the intestine breaks up into glucose
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    March 13th. — The gastric trouble is much better, but
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    melancholy. The form of the disease is not pure, but rather mixed. Based
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    returning the inverted uterus, citing a case of partial inversion
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    Stomach Symposium. — The Long Island Medical Society,
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    undated, and 1 am unable to say whether it was earlier or later than
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    Physician celebrated for his success as an alienist. The
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    is not hearing any better, and he will require constant watch-
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    will furnish matter for a second lecture. — Lancet,
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    every member, the amounts received and distributed by him as Treasurer,