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If the medicines you are using are not approved, your doctor may prescribe other medicines. Internet access - a doctor is not a very safe option if you want to buy medicines online. This article discusses basic information to remember how to find drug purchasing decisions. Vermox - antiparasitical is a tool for treating аскариидоза, enterobioza, анкилостомидоза and трихоцефалеза infection. Vermox's pharmacological effect is marketed by антигельминтное (antiparasitical) therapeutic agents that have a wide spectrum of action to counteract parasites энтеробиоз and trihozefaleze. The drug causes irreversible metabolism of the parasitic cell: the interfacing of glucose, the reduction of glycogen-containing cells inhibits the synthesis of tubulin and ATP. Therapeutic indications: for use in Vermox In: ascariosis (parasitic caused by Аскаридами) энтеробиоз (diseases острицами), gastric infections (caused by illnesses нематодами) trihozefaleze (parasitic caused by власоглавами). Instructions for Use: The use of Vermox is теробиоз - 100 mg (1 tablet) once. Duration of treatment - 3 days. The next course is a course (after 2 weeks) to prevent contagious recurrence. Vermox is prescribed in cases of ankylostomyas infection, ascariasis, or a pimacanth richocephalosis for children over 12 months of age and adults 100 mg twice daily (preferably in the morning and evening). Duration of treatment - 3 days. Recommendations for treatment and strengthiloidoza tenios consist of the determination of Vermox 200 mg twice daily (length 3 days). These children have one single dose of 100 mg, taken twice a day (duration - 3 days).