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    precautions the carious degeneration still goes on, then

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    not force themselves to disclose their sufferings to

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    Journ.," Nov. 7, 1896; ^"Amer. Journ. Med. Sci.," Feb. 1897.

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    49 years at the time of first attack, who were associated with imbecile

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    production of antibodies to sheep blood cells in rabbits. We had in

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    3. The proteid matter of serum is not amphoteric but travels

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    of the American Institute of Homoeopathy. They made the

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    a good deal of exercise) he felt on getting out of bed an unu-

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    employed allowance must be made for variations in the total quantity of

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    minute, the respiration-rate does not bear that close relation to the

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    namely, (1) Sugar, and (2) Kerosene Oil, which latter,

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    Advances in this field promise to be prodigious in the next several years

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    G. STREET & CO., Ltd., 8, Seble Steeet, London, W.C.

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    is compared in the next table with that of butter made with starter.

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    nately declining and re-appearing, and was the only symptom

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    membrane coated with phosphates, and there were two

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    sternum are raised together, as if they formed a solid bony case. The lower

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    quite imperceptible ; both sounds of the heart could be distin-

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    velous success. I am gratified to see near me on this platform

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    doses of two grains once in three hours, simply dissolved in

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    de I'odorat dans I'epilepsie. Compt. rend. Soc. fie biol..

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    cumference of the tumor had been detached, it was found that a small

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    coldness in one spot, not larger than a shilling ; this corresponded very

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    with some recession of the gums, leaving a well-defined sep-

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    dogs. Injury to the parietal or temporal lobes he had found to

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    dONSEL'S PERSULPHATE OF IRON, a powerful hoemostatic, and astringent, free

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    of the fibrous connective tissue of a region of the body induced by

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    look upon those concerned in it as having a morbid desire fir

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    5,581 patients stayed longer than fourteen days, the

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    The susceptibility of the affected muscles to faradic currents is some-

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    that with echinococcus about the uterus it is always the case.]

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    cope with biological problems ; for is not the whole matter a

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    moment end the miserable existence by self-destruction ! Few of us

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    had not found it present. She had tried various ex-

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    A, when Established : B, C, D, Annual Premiums to Insure £,\ca on death, with Profits,

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    was also presented, was a carcinoma of the skin, situated

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    I cannot explain the case; it may, for all I know, be one

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    Germany 258. From 1895-99 the figures are, for England 179,

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    a variety of complaints, usually with brief episodes

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    from the observation that the duration of the fever, rather than its

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    precedented for April in these records. The first eleven days of May were

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    The winter was begun bravely, for he had found an ex-

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    of venous stasis, there is a temporary but decided swelling of the isolated

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    but is much less than in mechanical obstruction. It is rather remarkable

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