cember number of the " (Jiornale italiano delle malattie veneree e della
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and friable in its texture ; in fact, the connexion between these coats
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were also sufferers from migraine, and on being answered
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I place under this head alcoholic stimulants, without discussing the ques-
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great emphasis by Dr. Gairdner. In one of his cases,
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could master a fair acquaintance with these by attendance upon lec-
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racterized by the typhoid eruption, and, per contra, whether those in which
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1907 d. — Case of human trichinosis. [Abstract of 1907 a] <:;^J. Roy. Micr. Soc,
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coffee, brandy and cordials may also be given. Cold water may
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house surgeon, the viscera were found to be healthy, with the
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' Hennessy : Loc. cit. Walter Shiryngton, Prebendary of Geveiulalo in York ; of Otlloy ;
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thing that no attendances [were recorded by students, as against 21
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sociation members, and readers are invited to send in any news
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are thus set at nought ! As to the history of typhus fever, we are
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terms as officers of the three seniority corps. Such a regula-
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Even within the group there was a fairly definite relation between the
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out the city will be brought together in one place, so
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In a similar way, if we compare the State Census of
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mouth with the handle well down on the chest of the patient. When
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where the sclerosis may be insignificant. The retinal changes of chronic
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breakfast is relatively small, which, according to Einhorn, is owing to
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on readily. The hands are to be carefully sterilized accord-
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sides of them (Boerhave) ; by multiplication of the colourless
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The next in onler is the report of the Committee on Arrangements.
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pea, and infiltrated with tuberculous matter. The lungs were
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the memory is trained by the visual method. This is excellent for those
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lished the results of his elaborate researches in 1858,
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because of their relative rarity but also because their treatment should
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There are few real diseases of dentition, while those so called
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Nuttall and Hadwen have introduced Trypanbleu treatment with success.
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with atheromatous degeneration. If it be the former, the aneurism
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to the same degree of maturity, but has a short course, the length of
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rapid as to disengage large quantities of volatile ammoniac,
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The paroxysms which occur in sleep are, of course, not produced by an}'
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fence had been there at least 70 years or so. Sometimes
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should be closely observed if propranolol is administered. The added catecholamine-blocking
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impulse, quitted the cavity of the sternum and was carried
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Bovee, of Washington, Robert T. Morris, of New York, John B.
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in the printed catalogue of the Hunterian Museum, where the
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3. That experiments have not demonstrated leprosy to be inoculable on
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were several round white spots. The attack ran the ordinary
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